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Unzipped...In The Studio: The Love Songs
1-1 Love Is Blind
1-2 One Of These Days
1-3 All The Time In The World
1-4 Wherever You May Go
1-5 Easier Said Than Done
1-6 Fare Thee Will
1-7 Summer Rain
1-8 Forevermore
1-9 'Till The End Of Time
Bonus Tracks
1-10 Wherever You May Go (Instrumental)
1-11 Love Is Blind (Instrumental)
Starkers In Tokyo (1997)
2-1 Sailing Ships
2-2 Too Many Tears
2-3 The Deeper The Love
2-4 Love Ain't No Stranger
2-5 Can't Go On
2-6 Give Me All Your Love
2-7 Don't Fade Away
2-8 Is This Love
2-9 Here I Go Again
2-10 Soldier Of Fortune
2-11 Only My Soul (A Cappella)
2-12 Fool For Your Loving (Excerpt)
Starker In New York (2008)
2-13 Give Me All Your Love
2-14 Can You Hear The Wind Blow
2-15 All I Want All I Need
2-16 Lay Down Your Love
2-17 Fool For Your Loving
2-18 The Deeper The Love
2-19 Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
2-20 Here I Go Again

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